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SMAUgeant 2017 Round 2, Part 2
The door behind Persephone burst open, revealing a very wide-eyed Alix, breathing hard. "Demon! You are not welcome here!"

Persephone had taken that moment to snatch her hand away from the shadow before her, breathing hard, her lungs burning for air.

Alix had tried to step into the room, but was met with a rather painful shock to his foot. He cried out, taking a step back. "Persephone! Snap out of it! Don't be deceived!"

The shadow rounded on him, her voice booming. "What do you know of deception, Lord of the Underworld?" she demanded. "Am I any better than what you did to try and hide just who you really are?"

"I know enough!" Alix spat out, glaring. "I could sense you the moment you stepped foot here! Nice try trying to keep the door sealed, by the way."

Persephone didn't hear the bickering, instead keeping her head down. All of a sudden, her heart started beating faster than before, as if it was going to burst from her chest. "What...what is this..." she wondered aloud, her voice soft. She spoke again, her voice deep.

"I...I won't be used...not again..." She raised her head up, her hands moving against her will for her brooch.

"What...what are you doing?" Persephone asked, once again, her voice normal. Whomever or whatever currently possessed her arms didn't speak. Instead, Persephone had started to feel funny, almost dizzy. There was a flash of golden light so bright, it had caught the attention of both Alix and the shadowy figure, stopping their bickering in its tracks.

Alix's eyes widened again, unbelieving in what he saw. Where Persephone sat moments before, now sat a Sailor Guardian, Sailor Dathomir.

The shadow raised a hand up, it too in a state of surprise. "Huh? What?"

"This is..." Alix whispered, too low for anyone to hear, "...the will of Persephone...her previous incarnation...I was right..and soon...soon she'll find out the truth..."

The shadow moved back, unsure of what to do, whom to attack. Making its mind up, it dove for Persephone to strike, and hopefully regain the lost ground.

Persephone raised her head up, eyes completely silver, her face blank. Quietly, she opened her mouth, took in a deep breath, and unleashed a loud, deafening scream of energy. The soundwaves from her screams converged together, becoming solid, as they rushed forward, slamming one after another against the shadow.

"N-n-nooo!" it screamed out. "Not like this!" It raised a hand up to Persephone, as if begging. "P-please...!"

Persephone's mouth only opened up wider, increasing her screams that sprang forth. Slowly, the shadow fizzled, before dissolving, leaving a faded scream in its wake. "Refresh!"

Slowly, the shadows that clung to the walls began to fade, leaving behind the familiar blue walls from before. Alix let out the breath he had been holding, and stepped into the room, relieved it wouldn't shock him this time.

"Refresh huh...?" he murmured softly. "That's an odd thing to say. Then again..." His gaze turned to Persephone, who remained knelt on the floor as her glow faded away. "Since running into her, it's been a whole bag of weird, and then some..."

Persephone finally took a breath, slowly exhaling, all adrenaline gradually fading away, leaving her weak. Her eyes faded back to their normal shade, as she looked down at her gloves. "I...I transformed...? I-I didn't even say my transformation phrase...unless..." No...but then again...she did start to feel weird when she had spoken in a slightly deeper voice earlier...She gazed down at her brooch sitting snugly in her bow, which now twinkled in the light like an ordinary bauble.

"Perhaps I still have a ways to go in my training...and some secrets left to discover...either way, you're probably a big part of them..."

"Persephone...?" She looked up, surpised, at Alix. He started back at her with sympathy. Quietly, he came forward, kneeling before her. "A-Alix...I..."

He held up a hand, shaking his head. "Please, you don't have to say anything." Tears once again filled her eyes, before she flung herself onto him, arms wrapped around his body, her head resting on his chest. All Alix could hear were her sobs, her shoulders heaving up and down. His arms came around her, holding her close, gently rocking her back and forth. One hand came up to gently stroke her hair, while he gently shushed her with whispered promises of how everything was going to be okay.

No...not everything was going to be okay. She had to tell him the truth...eventually. Her past, her mistakes, sins...all of it...but...she would save it for another day...

"Please..." she whispered against him. "please don't leave me alone..."

"I'm not going anywhere," he whispered back gently. "I'm not going anywhere..."

This only made Persephone cling harder to him, sobbing harder. "Don't leave me...please..."

They sat like that for an hour, both comforting each other. One was scared to be alone, the other finally starting to warm up again. But who could say was whom...? Well...

...that was anyone's guess...


Well...tah-dah! I worked hard, and here it is! Parts 1 and 2 of Round 2! Which will lead into Round 3, which is next on my list. But, I did some playing with my phone, and managed to edit things better than on my comp. I just must've been stressing last night, and being sicky doesn't help. Written story pieces included in the description of each picture.

I was inspired by quite a few songs from singers, such as Dina Lancaster, Jonathan Young, etc. This Round was submitted in 2 parts, as to help with camera quality, and to give me a bit more to work with. Original idea was inspired by :iconsolarmiko:.

Now, some quickie author notes about these two pieces. A big theme that was listened to during this whole thing was Dima Lancaster's English cover of Naraku no Hana, which I will link here at the end of my notes. I DID drop a couple of major bombs here, including a bit more about Persephone's backstory, Alix's true identity, and the fact that we may have a new Black Moon Clan rising up, which our shadow seen here will be mentioned in the final round, in passing.

I also wanted to do a small bit of vent art for myself too, to release what final bit of toxic thoughts I may have had about myself, in seeing myself as a monster. I suppose...I wanted to try and rid myself of these thoughts, to allow myself to move forward with my life in a more positive way.

That being said, I want to dedicate this Round to my husband, Alex. In case it wasn't noticed yet, Alix is somewhat based off my husband, as Persephone is based off myself. And if you know your Greek mythos, you should be able to start piecing together just what Greecian legend I'm playing off of for this storyline. If you can't tell, then come Round 3, her true power will be revealed (what power she has domain over, I.E. water, fire, ice, etc).

I do not own Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon and anything Sailor Moon related is owned by Naoko Takeuchi, VizMedia, Toei Animation, and Cloverway.

Dima Lancaster's cover:

Round 2 playlist: Round 2 Playlist:…
SMAUgeant 2017 Round 2, Part 1
TW (Trigger Warning): talks of death, murder, implied murder, slight PTSD, and blood. I tried to censor the best I could, without fully taking it away from the climax of the story.


His words had left her with quite a bit to think about, as Persephone had started to pace the room. She didn't want to look outside the window, as the fog gave her the creeps. She shivered slightly, before continuing to move around again.

She bit her lip, looking back at the door. Alix was a nice guy, sure. But...could she really trust him...? Could she give him a chance...? Maybe he was just another lonely soul, like herself, looking for a friend. She closed her eyes, shaking her head. couldn't go through this again...

She hugged herself, aware that the chill of the room had dropped a bit, getting colder than it was just a few minutes ago. She took in slow, shaky breaths, each breath coming out in puffs of white steam. Inhale...exhale...Inhale...exhale...She mentally told herself to breathe in and out, in through her nose, out through her mouth. But her growing nausea wouldn't subside. If anything, it grew in intensity, making even breathing a chore.

She shuddered, feeling as if fingertips were playing with her hair, moving it to sit behind her shoulders. Icy cold settled over her body, as a cool air gently breathed against her ear.

"Poor lost little lamb..." a voice cooed softly. "Doubt lingers in your heart..." Persephone gasped sharply, as it had felt like an icy had had reached through her to give her heart a gentle squeeze.

"Doubt lingers..." the voice hissed softly again in her ear. "I know what you're thinking...what you're feeling..." The voice chuckled softly. "You're thinking of the one before him...aren't you...?" The chuckling continued.

"Cursed child of her tribe, daughter of a healer and reformed can't escape your fate...what's in your blood...buried deep within your very soul..." The room started to grow even colder and warped before Persephone's eyes. No longer were her walls a friendly shade of blue, but purple and black rose and fell around her, like something alive...alive and waiting to strike...

The voice continued. "You, born to a healer and a reformed Sith in a neighboring village...the witness of their murder by other Siths...their blood on your hands...They wouldn't have been killed had it not been for you being born...the Clan Mother in the neighboring tribe took pity on you because you were a child then...she didn't believe you to be evil, but your fellow villagers did..."

Persephone fell to her knees, frozen to the spot, silent tears starting to fall down her cheeks. "So at one point, you had decided to run away...and run away you did...straight into a hungry Spider Clan nest...if it hadn't been for your Clan Mother saving you in time, you would have been spider chow, wouldn't you...? Oh, but wasn't that their plan all along...? Before you were saved, you ended up being sedated by the Nightsisters of the Spider Clan, and infected with a serum developed from the spiders they hung around, corrupted, in a way, to mutate their poor victims...and they used the opportunity they had to infect your body, in the hopes it would amplify what darkness they could feel within you, and you would eventually turn on your tribe..."

Persephone couldn't speak, as she could feel the imaginary hands continue playing with her hair.

"That brings us to your friends..." the voice hissed softly. "And your first remember that night...don't you...?"

Remember? Of course she was storming that night...she was holding her newborn daughter in her arms, cooing softly, overjoyed but exhausted after her ordeal, leading to eventually being free of the venom's corruption. Behind her, the door had slid open, and in walked him...her first love...unable to remember his name, but not his face...not after that night...

At first, she had been excited. She went to hold out their daughter for him to gaze upon, but her smile had changed when she had seen the scalpel in his hand, and his eyes glazed over. His voice was low, but she heard it quite clearly.

"Monster...slay...the monster...must...not live..."

With that, he had moved and quickly struck, swinging the blade forward. Persephone had turned long enough for the blade to pierce her shoulder. Loud, painful cries echoed around the room, causing the small bundle to squirm and holler its displeasure in her arms. Scrambling, she had put her child down safe, before she had felt another painful slice in her side, causing her to stumble on her feet.

"Yes..." the hissing continued softly. "You remember...his words...your agony..."

"Only a monster would protect another monster..."

"I'm no monster!" Persephone rose from her feet, crying out in anger. In that moment, she had fought with him over the blade in his hands, all her wounds forgotten. All she could think was protecting her child...if it meant fighting, then she would fight...they struggled, he pushed using his shoulder, she attempted to kick him, until his hand had reached for her hair, and he pulled and yanked rough and hard, causing her to fall to her knees. She felt the blade against her throat, slowly feeling it start to pierce her skin...until...

"It was an accident...I swear..." was all she could was all over her hands, face, the floor...oh gods...the was nauseating, almost choking her...She didn't know what had happened in that moment as she had watched him fall silently to the ground. Behind her the door had opened, the whispers from her friends, in shock and awe at the scene before them.


"Monster...! She's a monster!"

"Careful! Or she'll turn on us next!"

"Persephone...this...this wasn't you...was it..."

Persephone didn't think, she just dropped the blade, grabbed her daughter, and ran out of of there, shock still on her mind. She had fled back to her planet, hoping they'd be safe, and eventually putting the past behind her...even if the nightmares persisted since then...

But she realized she wasn't there in the ward, but back with the shadows. Slowly, she fell to her knees, the shadows rising up from around her to softly lick at her body, as if seeking to drag her down to whatever punishments were awaiting her for her sins.

"No matter how many times you wash your hands, those kind of stains don't easily wash away..." the voice grew quiet, almost sympathizing with however Persephone was feeling. "Your so-called "friends" from that day think that you've gone crazy, as if you'll snap and attack them can't even look you in the eyes anymore, let alone speak to you...none of them can...they all fear you...see you as a hideous, ugly monster...shame how none of them really know the truth...lost little lamb..."

Arms came around Persephone's shoulders, and she could finally see the owner of the voice that was speaking to her. "But don't could always join the newly reformed Black Moon Clan...we know it was an accident...that you didn't mean to kill him...that you were protecting a child that couldn't even defend itself...Prince Citrine wants you...desires you and your'd forever be free of the poison within your heart...You could get revenge on those who see you as evil, give them a reason to fear could hurt them like they hurt you..." The voice gently continued on. "You could receive unlimited power...make them all pay...and all you'd have to do is say yes...just say yes...and all your pain and heartache can fade away..."

Persephone shivered slightly, be it delight, fear, excitement, horror, she didn't know. Maybe...maybe she didn't want to know...

She looked up as the speaker moved to face her. It was feminine in appearance, pinkish-purple in hue, like a shadow. It stretched out a hand to her, as if welcoming. Hesitantly, slowly, Persephone lifted her own up, shaking slightly.

"I..." Persephone whispered softly, looking at her own hand. "I don't want to hurt anymore..."

Her fingers softly grazed the shadow's hand.

"Please..." Her voice was hoarse, cracking a bit, hoping that she was making the right choice.

"Take this pain away..."


I do not own Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon and anything Sailor Moon related is owned by Naoko Takeuchi, VizMedia, Toei Animation, and Cloverway.
CA: Pretty Pretty Princess!
Okay, so for some of the Fall Events going on over at :iconcrystalanimamates:, there was an event where we could turn our Senshi into pretty Princesses! Meet Princess Azurite!

Princess Azurite is currently trying not to trip on her own two feet, while looking elegant and beautiful at the same time. For at this moment, she feels beautiful and amazing.

Please enjoy^^

Pose is referenced from a Cinderella official image from Disney, as well as the skirt and parts of the dress.

I do not own Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon and anything Sailor Moon related is owned by Naoko Takeuchi, VizMedia, Cloverway, and Toei Animation.

:iconcrystalanimamates: belongs to :iconicheddar::iconsailoralcyone:, and :iconlumaea:
CA Pinup 3: Mythic
Okay, so for some of the Fall Events going on over at :iconcrystalanimamates:, there was a Pinup event for certain firms of your character, such as Senshi, Animamate, etc. So, here's pinup 3 of 3, Mythic form.

In this pinup, I wanted to focus on the Undine part of her, which could be a bit imp-ish, due to the Undine Mythos. To view the Mythos behind the Undines, please visit my previous Mythic Undine piece.

Please enjoy^^

Pose is referenced from a base by :iconwinx-base:.

I do not own Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon and anything Sailor Moon related is owned by Naoko Takeuchi, VizMedia, Cloverway, and Toei Animation.

:iconcrystalanimamates: belongs to :iconicheddar::iconsailoralcyone:, and :iconlumaea:
CA Pinup 2: Animamate
Okay, so for some of the Fall Events going on over at :iconcrystalanimamates:, there was a Pinup event for certain firms of your character, such as Senshi, Animamate, etc. So, here's pinup 2 of 3, Animamate form.

In this pinup, I wanted to focus on her Yandere self. Chloride Urchin is a Yandere, who looks up to her commanders, and prefers to bring pain unto herself for pleasure. She has no qualms about hurting her fellow comrades, or making sure one has an "unlucky accident." This version of her is vastly different from her Senshi form. She's much darker, more cruel, and seeks nothing but pain. To her, pain is life, pain is passion.

Please enjoy^^

Pose is referenced from an official Dark Bloom image from Winx Club.

I do not own Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon and anything Sailor Moon related is owned by Naoko Takeuchi, VizMedia, Cloverway, and Toei Animation.

:iconcrystalanimamates: belongs to :iconicheddar::iconsailoralcyone:, and :iconlumaea:


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