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Meet Blix
Hey guys! I'm really cranking out the art pieces lately, huh? This time, I bring a piece I did for a challenge over on the Winx Amino!

I bring you, from the Winx Fusion Challenge, Bloom and Icy fused. Now, I already know there was one Bloom and Icy fusion, but this one is Bloom's Bloomix, and Icy's new look from the same season. I call them...Blix...a cross between Bloom and Trix.

Now, my current art style is highly different than the Winx art style. But I hope you guys will still enjoy the fanart just the same.

I made it dark on purpose, in order to see the glow from her hands.

Please, enjoy^^


Original idea came from :iconwillemijn1991:.

I do not own Winx. Winx is owned by Iginio Straffi, Netflix, and Rainbow S.R.I
Pearl as Bismuth
Hey guys! I didn't get a chance to post this earlier when I posted my other piece of fanwork. So, onto the info!

I joined in the Clothes Swap Challenge over on an SU Amino, and got Pearl dressed as Bismuth. Personally, I find this really cute. Maybe I'll do a Pearl assistant for a Bismuth one day. Who knows?

But anyways, please enjoy^^


I do not own Steven Universe. Steven Universe is owned by Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network.
UDR: SAS - Ultimate Fashion Designer
Hey guys! So, this was for a contest over on a Danganronpa Amino, where it was broken into 3 categories, including Traditional and Digital art.

Now, I haven't had a chance yet to read user gokuharas' story yet. But at some point, I plan to. But looking over their characters, who could resist the Ultimate Fashion Designer? So, I tried my hand at that for the First Category, Traditional Art.

I hope you all enjoy it! She was a blast to draw!

Please, enjoy^^

Story can be found here:…


I do not own Danganronpa. Danganronpa is owned by Kazutaka Kodaka, Spike Chunsoft, with character designs by Rui Komatsuzaki.
Mala Diamond
What's this? I'm chugging out *another* contest/challenge piece? I think I'm gonna faint...

Well, I went and participated in the Diamond's Challenge on an SU Amino, and got Malachite (possibly one of my favorite fusions). Now, originally, I was going to have Malachite as doing more a hand thingy with a smug smirk (think Dr. Evil in a way). Buuuuuttt...and yes, there's that evil, despicable "but"), I realized that's not Malachite's personality. So...let's get into the version I developed for the contest...

I call her...Mala Diamond...

(And if there is already such thing as a "Mala Diamond," my apologies. I was trying to shorten Malachite's name for the final piece. All Diamond's involved are fictional, and there's no such thing as a "Jasper Diamond," And "Lapis Diamond." The story below is mainly for fun).

She originally was a pair of Diamonds long before Mala Diamond was born. You had Jasper Diamond, a ruthless, bloodthirsty Diamond who loved to shatter disobedient Gems, defective Gems, and any Gems she plain didn't like. If a Gem so much as questioned Jasper Diamond, it would be the last thing they ever did. Jasper Diamond ruled with an iron fist, using fear tactics to keep her followers alive.

Lapis Diamond, on the other hand, was more quiet, preferring solitude. She was a Pearl-less Diamond, and never saw the need for one to begin with. Her gems were as quiet as her, if not more so, some even being mute. She was gentle, and adored her Gems, watching over them.

One day, the other Diamonds gathered together to discuss the possibility of another Gem Uprising. They didn't want another Gem like Rose Quartz to rally the other Gems, and rise up against the Diamonds. That was how all the Rose Quartzes ended up bubbled in the first place. It was then the Diamonds came to a very harsh, cruel decision...something forbidden to do among Courts, as doing so was literally a Death Sentence...


Oh sure, there was already Fusion on Homeworld, but that was with say Ruby and Ruby, or Topaz and Topaz. But *never* with two completely different Gems...The last Gems who Fused...well...they managed to disappear after the Gem War, never seen again. At least, that's what the reports stated.

But...what if they Fused a Diamond...with *another* Diamond...

No...surely it couldn't be done...that was unheard of, let alone the risk was too great...


Sometimes sacrifices must be made, in order to serve the "Greater Good." And in this case..."Greater Good," was to serve the Diamonds.

When it was announced that there was going to be a Fusion attempt between the Diamonds, Jasper Diamond didn't think it would be successful. Who needed Fusion when you had your own strength? Fusion was just a cheap tactic to make weak Gems stronger.

And Lapis Diamond...she didn't want to get involved...she had a bad feeling about the whole thing...

None of the other Diamonds wanted to touch the idea. What if there were complications? What if they Fused, but couldn't Unfuse? What if they weren't stable? Rumors spread that certain Gems, even the same Gems, when Fused, ended up unstable, and went on a rampage, shattering innocent Gems, and injuring the rest. Those who went unstable, had to be shattered...

Days later...and opportunity had struck...

A certain Diamond had let slip to Jasper Diamond that there was a small colony not too far from Jasper's own colony, and that the Diamond there was an easy target. Jasper could have an even bigger colony, and new Gems to bully. This intrigued Jasper Diamond, and she set off with her strongest Quartz soldiers, eventually finding the small colony.

Gems fought...weapoms swung, there were screams of pain, agony, the sound of Gems poofing all over the place was all Lapis Diamond could hear. She hurried out to meet Jasper Diamond, preparing to defend her colony from this monstrous brute. She held out a hand, water from local streams and rivers rising up to form a gigantic hand. With one 'swish' of her arm, the gigantic watery hand moved with her, dispersing Quartz soldiers, some even flying through the air, landing who knew where.

Once the dust around them settled, it was Diamond against Diamond, standing off...

Then...she charged...

Jasper Diamond ran forth, determined to shatter the smaller Diamond in front of her, for destroying her army, for making Jasper Diamond look like an utter buffoon in front of her soldiers...for embarrassing...for humiliating...

"I'll shatter you!!"

Jasper Diamond raised her fist up, bringing it down to swing. Lapis Diamond knew this was probably her only chance to finish this, her only chance to stop this brute of a Gem, with nothing but a wild, manic look in her eyes.

She reached out a hand, and made contact with Jasper's fist...

A heartbeat...a breath... happened...

Both Gems could feel a tingling sensation running through their bodies, mouths open in a silent scream. Then...silence...

In their place lay a being, breathing hard. Her skin was a pale green, with green swirls around her body...She didn't move at first...then...

...she smiled...

Oh...the power running through her body...she felt electric, she felt stronger...stronger than ever before...

All four eyes opened...then...she laughed...

Lapis had forced a Fusion between the two of them...and Jasper Diamond was her prisoner...and she wasn't letting her go...

Any gems that were left over during the fight slowly approached the tall Diamond, unsure what to make of this hulking monstrosity...were they safe...?

The new Diamond turned to face the trembling Gems, before holding out her hands, her sadistic grin never leaving her face.

"Come...let's make a new colony..."

Reluctantly...these Gems agreed. No one knew what had happened to either Jasper or Lapis Diamond...except for the new Diamond before them...

Even now, to this day, no one has even seen under this Diamond's skirt. Her Gems just assumed she liked poofy skirts. did hear she's currently waiting to receive a new Pearl...right...?

Wait a sec, you're probably wondering what happened to her last one. Well...

That poor soul accidentally got caught up in this Diamond's skirts when she had made a sudden stop...What this Pearl saw under her skirt made her stifle a scream...for instead or two legs, her Diamond had arms and hands, and she was walking on them like it wasn't a big deal. This Pearl quickly pulled herself out from under her Diamond's skirt, apologising profusely...but...


...guess it wasn't meant to be...

As for her name? You want to be privy to that?


I suppose a name couldn't hurt...could it...?

Her new name...was Mala Diamond...remember it well...


Now, I tried to keep to the original personalities and reason for Fusion as much as possible. Lapis in the show Fused to save Steven, and the Lapis here Fused to save her colony and Gems. And yes, I did drop a few SU quoted lines here. Let's see the smart cookies who catch each ones.

Again, this story was for fun, and merely a tie-in for the Diamond's Challenge, where we had to take a Gem, and turn them into a Diamond. Mala Diamond is already a possible Diamond, and the one here is simply for purposes to shorten and make Malachite work as a Diamond. And there is no such thing as a Jasper or Lapis Diamond.

Please enjoy^^


I do not own Steven Universe. Steven Universe is owned by Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network.
So...I'm seeing quite a bit of New Year's posts, and I wanna go ahead and do up one of my own for everyone.

Sorry Stefbani and Lantiis if it felt like I was copying your posts word for word. I assure you, I'm not.

This year...whew! This year has was not expecting to let myself get so down this year over toxic people in my town, but instead, I did. I did and ignored my true friends. And that wasn't right. So, what did I do?

*snip snip!*

Goodbye toxic people!

I cut them out of my life for good. Now, that's not to say that, should these toxic people want to change their ways, that my inbox won't always be open, because it will. But will I be so quick to let these people back into my life? I wouldn't.

Between finding out what I wasn't supposed to, finding out secrets these supposed "friends" were keeping from me, finding out there were those who "regretted" our friendship but didn't have the guts to talk to me face to face like adults would, those whom I felt were treating me like a monster, it was too much. I could not, and would not, put up with it anymore. I was done. And after being inspired from a fellow coworker when they started to cut out toxic people, I was inspired to do the same thing.

And I never looked back.

I may accept one or two back in my life, but that trust needs to be built again before I can fully trust said people. I won't just happily accept them with open arms. Trust needs to be given and earned. Period.

But until then, I'm happy and content where I am, without those toxic to bring me down. You know what they say, "misery loves company!" Well, no misery for me, thanks!

I did a lot of self harm this year, but stopped altogether, thankfully. I admit, I *did* want to commit suicide at several points this whole year, over stupid, toxic people who probably woulda laughed about it and not cared. I fell for lies, I fell for all of it. Well, no more!

I see a therapist, whom I will continue to see to help me move past these toxic people. I work with great coworkers who, I didn't believe for a second actually cared. Yesterday proved to me that there are still kind hearts, and it'll surprise you when you find them. I have a fantastic fiancé whom has been helping to take care of me while sick, and it makes me feel wonderful, because no past relationship has ever done for me what he's done. I know I'm sick, but I wish there was something I could do to show him how happy and grateful I am to have him in my life.

I reconciled with my mother, and so far, this year has been a blast with her. Between inheriting a lot of my late grandmother's (my grandma Joan and my gammy) items, being there for when we've had to say goodbye to precious furbabies, whatever it may be, I'm glad I was able to reconcile, because while I was angry, I did miss her.

Just this year has been a hoot and a half. This coming year, 2018, I plan to walk hand in hand with those whom I love and care about, free of toxicity and negativity, and trying to move past my past (no pun intended).

I also want to branch out and talk more with fellow artists. I have friends all over different social media sites, why not talk more with you guys, get to know you all a bit better? This coming year is a chance to branch out and come out of my shell more, whether it be on here, Twitter, Amino, Instagram, DA, etc. I want to reach out to everyone I can. That is, if you guys want me to. I admit, I'm not easily approachable, but I'm really friendly when I get to know someone. And this year...this year, I want to try. No excuses this time, no fear of rejection holding me back. I want to spread my wings and try.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...thank you all for being with me so far, and for being my friend. Let's hope and pray for a happy and prosperous New Year, and that this New Year brings bigger and better things! I love you all, and thank you for being my friend! <3


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Just an artist who loves life~

Come follow me over at… or at Twitter over at:

I do not take requests. Sorry. I have a lot of projects currently on hand, and am trying to get through most of them. I do art for friends and groups that I'm in. That's about it. And most of my projects are surprises for friends.



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